Colby Winspear techtacular
This video provides a resource outlet for teachers. The website explored in the video shares a variety of lesson plans, and teaching ideas for a diversity of subjects and grades. This website would be a great resource for new teachers.

Here are a few of my favoriteYouTube/TeacherTube videos that you'll find useful throughout the course. By the way, Wikispaces allows you to "Embed Widgets" to bring in Google Gadgets (like the RSS Feeds or slideshows) and the YouTube videos as you see here! Enjoy! Then, post videos you have found and want to share!

Erin Williams, Wednesday 10-12, Teaching and Learning with Technology

This video provides "did you know" facts about technology to demonstrate how quickly technology is evolving in the past couple of years. This video points out that as teachers, we are preparing our students for jobs that don't even exist yet. This illustrates that as teachers we need to understand multiple aspects of technology and intergrate technology into our classrooms and lessons.

Mallory Williams, Lab 5, Professional Learning Community Continuum, This video provides a step-by-step model for involving faculty, administrators and parents in the sustainable growth of their school in the community. I recommend this video because i feel it is important for a school function as part of the community. ----

Janina Whiting, Lab 6, Mrs. Burk Perimeter Rap, . This is a video that gives students a rap to help remember the difference between perimeter and area. I choose this one because I thought it was funny and a unique way to teach students the lesson. ----

Sarah Schrader, Lab 5?, Teaching and Learning With Technology
This video contains good intructions for how to make a class web site.This resource is valuable since it is becoming increasingly important in today's classrooms.----

Jennifer Flett, Wed 5-7pm 4?, Teaching and Learning with Technology
Title: The Bicycle Wheel Gyroscope
This video was useful in providing visual demonstration on the topic of angular momentum. It displayed the importance of kinesthetic involvement in teaching especially science. The video is a good clip of ways to involve students in the learning process.

Matthew Lingard, Wed 10-12am, Teaching and Learning with Technology
A very informative video explaining the aftermath of WW2 and the reasons for the development of the Cold War. This video attempts to provide as little bias as possible, giving an explanation for the actions of both the Western allies and the Soviet Union. I think this would be an excellent video for high school history teachers who want to show multiple points of view.

Angela Boundy, Lab 5, Primary Pumpkin Seed Math
This is a fun video about primary math. They used
pumpkin seeds to study the concepts of estimating and counting and compared their results with schools around
the world.----

Heather McInroy, September 14th - This video seems to be a standard and boring/mundane video, but the teacher is quite a character introducing what science is and how exciting it is for students. How you as a teacher can reflect your own excitement in the classroom is also a feature of "Science"

Danielle Purdy, Lab 5, Teaching and Learning with Technology
Top Ten Things You Do Not Learn About Teaching in College
This video has truth to it- gives you ten rules that nobody tells you during teacher's college.
It's nice to see the humourous side of these teachers (and even the superintendent).

Samantha Basian, Wed 10-12 (S2).
Pay Attention

This video presents statistics and quotes about children and teenager's technology use to explain why teachers need to incorporate technology and digital literacy into the classroom. I am recommending this video because as future teachers we need to learn how to reach, engage, and teach our students effectively, and it is important to incorporate technology into the classroom in order to enable us to do so.

Lisa Williamson, Wednesday 12:30-2:30 #techtacular
Digital Kids
This video highlight how much of an influence digital media has on kids of this generations. I like how we hear from actual kids about their digital media habits, be it, blogging, MSN, they say that "they are good multi-taskers" and "they they wouldn't survive in this day and age without some form of digital media". This video shows how times are changing and we must adapt to suit the needs and habit of our students.

Courtney Maciulaitis, Wednesdays 8:00-10:00am #techstars
"Dyscalculia Not only...troubles with math"
This video is a montage to inform the viewer of what possible actions are an indicator for people struggling with dyscalculia. I thought this video was very interesting because in just a few minutes it highlights (in a visually appealing way) what struggles can be an indicator of dyscalculia, as most people tend to think that this is a condition that involves people struggling to preform conventional math, and that is just not true.

Andreas Waglechner, "World Wide Web in Plain English"
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A decent video that explains how the internet works -- useful for explaining to kids or older parents that the internet is not simply a web page, but a series of connected computers, etc.

Tiffany Addie, Wednesdays 10-12 #techtacular

I tried to find a video that explained something that wouldn't have interested me/would have challenged me as a student, in a format that would resonate with a student. This rap by "Rhythm, Rhyme and Results" is about photosynthesis. While some of the graphs and other images in the video might be beyond some students (and maybe some teachers!), the rap itself just may be cool enough to lend some "street cred" to photosynthesis, and get kids interested in learning more.