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Lara Engelhardt
American and Canadian Art
This video is a short but great intro to the history of American and Canadian art in the early 1900’s and how they began their individual art movement separate from Europe.

Kendra MacPherson
Brain Breaks... Rock, Paper, Scissors Math
This is a quick "game" that you can apply to math and you can also incorporate physical activity into the activity to satisfy DPA. I recommend it because it is always good to add in healthy competition and games into math to help the kids further their understanding of concepts.

Matt Harvey, Simplifying Radicals
This video shows how to simplify radicals. I recommend it because it's super easy to follow and the author has a clear voice.

Allison Pala
Demonstrating How Muscles Work

This video explains how the heart is a very powerful muscle, it explains lactic acid build up when using muscles and discusses how muscles stretch. This video is
recommended because the speaker does hands on activities that students can do, she uses a lot of visuals and clearly explains how muscles work.

Melissa Bernardo

Math Difficulties
This video is great for students who are having difficulty with solving math problems. The video is humorous, which allows the students to enjoy watching it and be engaged at the same time. You can take this video a step further by figuring out how to solve the problem together as a class after watching the video so that the students can have a hands on experience.

Stephanie Amantea, global warming, ,
This video is about the effects of global warming and it provides ways that we can help reduce the risks of it. I recommend this video because it has very educational pictures that will help students to visualize the effects of global warming, and it is as well engaging for students to watch.

Andrea Seabrook : Multiplication Using Your Fingers
This video is great alternative for students who are having difficulties with multiplication. It shows them a unique way to use their fingers to multiply numbers together and add other numbers to get the solution to a multiplication problem.

Melissa Schonberger
Exporing the Ear with Dr. Loopy
This video shows a group of people who travel magic school bus style, to the inside of the ear. The video seems silly, but would be a useful hook for the sound study which occurs in grade four.

Sarah Huckson
Science Ocean Bottle Activity
This video is an interactive way for students to learn about properties of matter and soluble liquids. The video explains a simple activity for primary or junior students by creating an "ocean" out of oil and water. I recommend this video because it is interactive, easy, and fun for students to engage in scientific learning!

Lori-Anne Clark
Web Search Strategies in Plain English

This video summarizes how by being specific and by using words and symbols that remove useless information, you will have an easier time finding what you need on the internet. This video gives valuable information for saving time while using search engines.]

Laura Johnson
Twitter for Teachers
This video summarizes how to use Twitter by showing an actual computer screen and an individual demonstrating how and what to do on Twitter with real computer screen images. I recommend this because, for myself, it is easier to learn something that uses visuals that I will actually encounter, rather than a comic of the web tool. For those who need a more in depth tutorial to help learn twitter, this may be the key!

Laura Gedge
Rubistar - A Free Online Rubric Making Tool
This video shows how to use the website Rubistar to create your own rubrics, or use existing rubrics created by other teachers. I am recommendin g this video because I have found this website very useful for myself, but I was not aware of some of the other features of the website. This video makes using the website simple for teachers!

Sonja Konrad
This video illustrates how the SMART board offers a new way of learning where students are highly engaged, motivated and having fun. The SMART board allows students to become the teacher which complements the student-centered approach that we are encouraged to apply. This video is very efffective as it incorporates videos of students using the SMART board. The video has definitely enhanced by understanding and changed my opinion about SMART boards-- they actually are very useful,motivational and they can enhance self-confidence (which I have never considered).

Robin Bosscher
Menu Math
This video briefly outlines a math lesson idea to help students work with decimals. I liked this video because it gives a practical way to teach decimals and make it applicable to students. Working with money is a natural step when teaching decimals but having students purchase a meal on a menu is a great way to have them adding decimals in a real life situation.

Hilary Redekop
Twitter Search in Plain English
This is a fun time-lapse photography cartoon, showing how Twitter can be useful and how you can search on Twitter. I recommend this video because it’s fun and a little silly. A good way to learn about Twitter.

Vanessa Hill
Investigating English in Plain English
Summary: The video talks about the different ways in which people invest money and the pros and cons of the different ways. Lee discusses how reaching your financial goal can be done in two ways. Putting money in a savings account is predictable and safe whereas investing your money involves risks. He explains that in good investments money usually grows quicker than if it was in a savings account however, if the investment does poorly it can plummet. There are many different types of investments, but it is very hard to predict which investments will do well and which won’t. Do your homework before making these decisions!
Reason for Recommendation: I am recommending this video because I myself am very interested in banking and investing, yet know little about it. I know that in the near future these concepts will become very important to me and that I need to do my “homework” and research in order to make good decisions in the future.]

Laura Lawson
Some Multiplication Strategies

Summary: This video shows how some middle school students use different strategies to do two-digit multiplication, all thier own individual ways that they created.

Reason for Recommendation: This video is great for students to help find a way that they find helpful to do two-digit multiplication, espically if they are struggling with the 'traditional' method and it is also great for teachers because it can provide insight in to how students may think and give teachers alternative ways of teaching the material. This also works kind of like a gallery with the different methods being used to solve the same question and shows both teachers and students that math is open to different routes and that everyone has their own way of thinkingb

Erin Milanczak
Equivalent Fractions: A conceptual approach to comparing fractions

Summary: This video uses visual methods to teach the concept of equivalent fractions, which can be a hard concept for students to grasp in math.

Reason for Recommendation: This video demonstrates multiple methods that all use visual representations of ways in teaching equivalent fractions. There are examples with pie pieces and moving them over top one another, there are full pies with different colours using the greater than and less than symbols, there are number lines etc. There are many methods, which is great because sometimes you may only think of one or two whereas this video provides you with many and some students will need to keep seeing different representations until something clicks and works well for them. Also this video teaches these methods with the smart board, which is something that I have not personally seen or used before so it was nice to see a little bit of the types of things you can do on them. They seem great and very effective.

Cathy Stephen
Create a Lemon Battery

Summary: This video demonstrates how electricity can be generated using the lemons, as well as discussing the voltage given from each Lemon battery.

Reasons for Recommendation: I wanted to share this video because conducting this experiment is very difficult and it is part of the grade 6 Electricity unit that students be able to make an electric charge from objects other than batteries. This video gives a step by step process as to how lemons can act as a battery, and because it is a video it is successful every time. This is a great way to work with a very difficult curriculum expectation

Krysta Frederick
Fun Science Projects for Children : Ingredients for Ooze in Science Class

Summary: This video demonstrates the process of creating ooze from everyday household products. I would recommend this video as a tool for completing this fun science activity with your class.