Explore Digital Footprints: A Scavenger Hunt

The Activity Type, Scavenger Hunt, is an appropriate activity choice when the learning goal is for students to explore resources, then collect and share information. Digital scavenger hunts search digital resources (and the Internet is that resource!!) The structure of this Activity Type is a web page (such as the one posted on this wiki page) is set up with a set of questions to be answered through scavenging the Internet. The activity provides 'seekers' with appropriate search engines to use and may include keywords to aid in the search (depending upon the searching skills of the intended audience!)

Use YOUR Internet searching skills to complete the following Digital Footprint Scavenger Hunt:

Seek your Digital Footprint Scavenger Hunt

Find ANSWERS to the following questions:

Today you will be using two search engines to locate information on a Digital Footprint.
1. What is a digital footprint? HINT: Possible search keywords are: Digital footprint, digital identity

2. What information about individuals can be found using an Internet search? (HINT: Search your own name to see what you can find out about YOU! Be prepared to share what types of information you can locate about an individual.)

2b. Search a celebrity - what type of information do you find about that person and where is it found?

3. What can you do to enhance your own profile online? (HINT: Check out http://bit.ly/freyerprofile first and then search keyword: digital profile)

Want to learn more?

Explore these other resources for digital footprints if you did not find these in your scavenger hunt!

1) How revealing is your digital footprint? http://bit.ly/digftprint
2) 45% Employers Use Facebook-Twitter to Screen Job Candidates: http://bit.ly/employersuseofdf
3) Watch the following video (be SURE to use your headphones):

Digital Footprints: Your New First Impression: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eZjmrJvL_eg