IMG_0514.JPGThis photo was taken at the last professional development day at Brock university. The work shop I attended was a Mathematics workshop. This workshop consisted of an instructor and about 4 other pre service teacher canidates. The session was very informal and comfortable. We had a great small group discussion about comfort levels of even expirenced teachers teaching math and some practical hands on appraches teachers can use to help students in Mathematics. Using collaborative work ideas, problem solving based learning and many other strategies to help students grow in the area of math. I chose this work shop because I believe I will spend most of my teachig career learning how to teach math so I figured I had better start somewhere. Math is a challenge for me to say the least so in order to do my studetns justice in this subject area I decided to jump right into to it. I think this workshop was helpful because the instructor used the effective guides 4-6 and the ministry documents and showed us how they can be collaborative, I could definately see how the effective guides to mathematics could work to my advantage when teaching math.