Welcome to the 2010-2011 Class Resources Page

These are the resources that YOU and your classmates have gathered during our time together! GREAT COLLECTION! Feel free to edit this page and add annotations/recommendations/comments! It will improve the usefulness of the page! :)


Welcome to the Blogoshere:The Educational Use of Blogs
by Ray
Bringing the World to My Doorstep: A Teacher's Blog-Reading Habits
by Hodgson
Educational Blogging
by Downes
The Educated Blogger by Huffaker
ePals School Blog
Blogging in the Classroom

Rubrics for Blogs in the Classroom:
Sample 1
Sample 2
Sample 3

Edublogs Created by Pre-service Teachers:
Sample 1 Cindy Giroux
Sample 2 Beth M
Sample 3 Amanda F
Sample 4 Rachel B
Sample 5 Sarah B
Internet Safety

Bad Guy Patrol
Audio: Children Talk about Cyber Dangers
Internet Safety in the Schools by McFadden
Be Web Aware
Internet Security for Kids
Acceptable Use Agreement
CyberSense & Nonsense: The 2nd Adventure of the Three Cyber Pigs

Podcasts: Changing the Face of e-Learning by Tavales & Skevoulis
Podcasting for Teachers and Students by Tony Vincent
AceKids Podcasts
Building Social Skills Through Podcasts
Integrating Podcasting into the Classroom
Digital Storytelling

Digital Portfolio Examples
Digital Imagery

www.irfanview.com Freeware; been using this one for years, nice for basic image manipulation.

www.gimp.org Free open source; The Gimp is basically the open source equivalent to Photoshop.

www.blender.org Free open source; Blender is for 3D images.

vivia-video.org Free open source; Vivia is video-editing software.

osliving.com -editing Directory of free (both as in price and as in freedom) open source video editing software.

http://osliving.com/index.php Directory of open source software in general.

Smart Technologies Lesson Activity Toolkit and Essentials for Educators
Web 2.0

Wikispaces Connecting Teachers, Students and Parents
Google Docs
Teacher Web 2.0 Blog